Atlanta Real Estate Market Stats

Laura Andersen
Published on May 14, 2020

Atlanta Real Estate Market Stats

How’s the Atlanta Real Estate Market Now?  

One of the questions our Atlanta real estate team is asked almost on a daily basis is “How’s the Atlanta real estate market?” Most people we speak with assume that, because of the pandemic, it’s come to a screeching halt and that prices have plummeted.

Neither of these assumptions are true. In fact, people are still buying and selling homes. We’re not seeing the volume of activity that we usually see in the spring market, but the market is not stagnant.

Prices have remained much the same as they were before the onset of the pandemic, much to the dismay of homebuyers. Home sellers are digging in and few are willing to take rock-bottom offers.

Take Advantage of Today’s Interest Rates! 

It’s the low interest rates, however, that keep homebuyers in the market.  There are many financing programs available today.  The VA loans are very desirable for any veteran.

Needing help with the Down Payment?  There are a variety of Down Payment programs available for First Time Home Buyers.  Did you know that even if this isn’t your first home, you may still qualify after three years of not owning a home.

Viewing Home For Sale In Atlanta

A recent survey finds that nearly 60 percent of Atlanta home sellers say they would be fine with holding an open house.

Our team at Atlanta Home Listings offers a FREE Seller’s Guide.

Then, there are others who put restrictions on showings. For that reason, many homes are now shown virtually by the agent or with 3-D tours.

And, they’re being embraced by homebuyers. One of the big real estate portals says that they are seeing an almost 500 percent increase in requests for agent-led video tours, while another portal is seeing a nearly 200 percent increase in requests for 3-D home tours.

But, will they actually buy a home they’ve only toured virtually? According to the aforementioned survey, 25 percent of homebuyers aren’t opposed to buying a home they have never toured in person.

The number of home showings across the country took a dip on April 12, but has been steadily rising since then (an increase of nearly 24 percent as of April 26).

The entire home buying and selling process has gone virtual, from home showings to inspections, appraisals and closings.

Please reach out if you have any questions about the process and how we can help you navigate it during the pandemic.

We’re Here For You.

Our Atlanta Home Listings real estate team has a solid reputation of providing our clients first-class service from the day you contact us to the day of closing. We then continue to assist you with making sure your needs are met with reputable referral on contractors or getting your homestead exemption filed. Our goal is to be your long-term real estate representative.

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