How to Buy a House – Considering Buying a House in a 55+ Community?

Laura Andersen
Published on May 5, 2020

How to Buy a House – Considering Buying a House in a 55+ Community?

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 We aren’t talking about senior living communities – those group homes for baby boomers and their elders where they take a little bus to Walmart once a week and someone else does all the cooking.

We’re talking about retirement communities – for boomers who are active and independent and want to downsize yet still be around people their age. They’re sometimes called a “55+ Community.”

Yes, it’s the one case that a community can legally discriminate by saying “no youngsters allowed.” At least to live there.

Recent studies show that many boomers prefer to retire to urban centers, where they can be around a diverse age group, walk where they need to go and take advantage of the cultural and dining experiences that downtowns have to offer.

But, there’s still a big chunk of retirees who choose a 55+ Community so they can hang out with folks who share a common historic and cultural perspective. People closer in age.

Whether it’s a resort retirement 55+ Community, a golf course community or a typical neighborhood-type community designated for “seniors,” there’s a lot to consider when buying a home in which to spend the rest of your life.

Do You Enjoy Traveling?

Good News!  You’ve spent most of your life saving up for this new chapter in your life.  If you want to travel by air to visit friends and family or take that luxury vacation to another country, the Atlanta airport, Hartsfield Jackson is one of the biggest airports in the country, and they recently expanded their international section of the airport.  Hartsfield Jackson Airport is located seven miles south of downtown Atlanta.

Resort-Style Living

If you’re toying with the idea of buying a home in a “resort-style” retirement community, you’ll be spending more time with your neighbors than you would if you chose a standard neighborhood.

Tour the area during the times when the social activities you’re interested in participating in take place. Strike up conversations and study the group. See if these are people with whom you have a lot in common and with whom you’d like to spend more time.  Sometimes just driving through the 55+ Community can give you a good perspective of what living there would be like.  

In a standard 55+ Community type arrangement, drive or walk through the neighborhood at different times of day and do stop and chat with any residents who are outside. 

Medical Needs?

Sure, this seems to be a no-brainer when choosing where to retire, but you’d be surprised how many people fall in love with a 55+ community that isn’t convenient to needed medical care.

The north Georgia area has some of the best medical facilities in the state.  When looking at 55+ Communities, you should have peace of mind living with these high quality health care facilities in the area.  

Georgia’s Biggest Secrets

If there’s one thing that can greatly impact your income during retirement it’s taxes. To estimate your monthly obligations, including your new mortgage payment, requires careful consideration of taxes.

One of Georgia’s best kept secrets is the Senior Exemptions for the County Property taxes.  The reason for it being a somewhat secretative is that this Senior Exemption varies from county.  In many of the North Georgia counties, you pay NO school tax at a specific age.  There’s usually a cap for this based on the home’s appraised value.  Before you purchase a home in a 55+ Community, it’s best to first contact the county for their Senior Exemption.  

While there are several states that offer no state income tax, Georgia is a considered a tax friendly state for Retirees.  Yes, we’re on the top ten list!! offers a list of 10 Most Tax-Friendly States for Retirees and compares Average Property Taxes for all 50 States and D.C.

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