Every year HGTV has a Dream Home you have the opportunity to win by simply entering their FREE Dream Home contest.  You have the daily opportunity to enter this contest twice a day.  While Woodstock does have waterfront homes to build, this Gig Harbor, WA home is available for you to win along with a $250,000 cash prize!  Yes, cash $$$.  This cash prize is provided by national lender quickenloans.com.

Here’s a video of the 2018 HGTV.com home.



While most Woodstock homes do not offer a water view facing the amazing sunsets, I could really enjoy the beautiful sunsets on this home.  I like how the designers have redesigned the backyard to have multiple viewing areas of the water views.  I could picture my Woodstock family enjoying many nights at the new fire pit making good memories as we watch the sunsets over the water.  We would be true connoisseurs of S’mores with that fire pit. 

Thumbs up to LOW – Maintenance Products!

One thing that caught my attention was the use the Trex.com materials on the decks.  Trex is a low-maintenance material.  The initial cost of this product is higher than normal wood products, but it will save you money long-term.  We are seeing more homes use this high-quality material.  I’d rather spend my time at the fire pit making S’mores than home maintenance projects.  A big thumbs up for lower maintenance products.  


This year’s HGTV Dream home is a renovation of an existing home in Sag Harbor.   The main Living Area of this  home has really taken advantage of the water views.  The back side of the home features a comfortable living area with massive wall of windows with full views of the lake.  

This is a very modern home.  While many modern homes have a coldness to the design, the interior decor of this home is very calming and relaxing.  The designers at HGTV used a lot of off-white and grey tones on the walls and furniture.  The use of pastels for the accessories really POP against the white & grey.  I’d recommend a buyer in the Woodstock area looking at the same type of decor.  You can’t go wrong with this combination.  

I was surprised that the primary designer purchased the furniture and accessories on-line during his travels, I would really have a challenge trying to this from my Woodstock home by trying to envision the furniture without seeing it first in person.  You would really need the confidence of being a professional designer before spending thousands on-line.  Most of the on-line stores provide the furniture dimensions, but I would strongly suggest checking for their return policy before making any big purchases.  


While winning this Dream home may only be a dream, I decided to look at how this Gig Harbor home’s property taxes would compare to my present home taxes in Woodstock, GA.  The cash prize would definitely come into use with the property taxes on this home.  The estimated property taxes on this home would probably be about $15,375 annually compared to my present Woodstock property taxes at $3,200 annually.  I wonder how many of the previous HGTV Dream homes winners keep the home long-term or sell it after they win.  

Note – the deadline for entering this HGTV Dream home is Feb. 16, 2018 at 5:00 pm.  Someone is going to win this gorgeous home and it could be you.  

Make sure you use a knowledgeable Woodstock real estate professional.

While many of the homes in Woodstock may not compare to this HGTV Dream Home, we feel that we have the opportunity to help you find the perfect Woodstock home to create your own Dream Home.  

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