Home Sold in Canton to First Time Home Buyer

Laura Andersen
Laura Andersen
Published on April 29, 2018

It’s always exciting to be part of a family’s first home purchase.  I was contacted by the mother of the buyer to assist with the purchase of the home for her daughter and family.   It was an honor to be asked to help her daughter with their home search.  The mother wanted someone she could feel comfortable with and trust for their knowledge and skill set.  

Canton Schools – the best in the Atlanta area

The family was looking to purchase in the Woodstock or Canton area of North Atlanta.  This is a great area for its top rated schools in the future for their three-year-old son.  I was already very familiar with the area’s schools, but I always offer to let the buyers research the local schools with a great website called greatschools.org

Their son is only three-years-old, but it won’t be long before he’s ready for school.  He’ll be all set for a great future with the schools located in Cherokee County.  Any home sold in Canton has amazing schools for their kids to attend.  They won’t be disappointed in the quality of Cherokee County Schools; cherokeek12.net  The 2017 SAT scores are among the highest in Georgia – and first for county school districts in Metro Atlanta!  Cherokee County School District students who ranked in the top 10% of their class scored nearly 200 points higher than the district average, with a score of 1316!  Yes, that’s very impressive, and we’re very proud of our Cherokee County schools.  

A home listed in Canton under $200,000 goes under contract within days of coming on market.  It puts a lot of pressure on a First Time home buyer to not only act quickly, but prudently or lose out to another buyer.  It can be a challenge and your dream home can easily be lost to another buyer.   

This family found a home in Canton that had just come on the market and was perfect for their needs.  There were 14 showings on this new listing in the first 24 hours.  Yes, the Canton real estate market is HOT!  After some aggressive negotiations, the home was theirs.   It was a very exciting time for this First Time Homeowner to be able to find an outstanding home in Canton.  

When you purchase your first home, the focus is all about the home buying process; making an offer, home inspections, mortgage documents, information for the closing attorney, homeowners’ insurance policy, etc.  

You tend to forget what this new home will represent to a family.  A family home is not just a physical structure, but a place to build memories.  This Canton home will be remembered for the rest of their lives with good family memories.   The first home, their first Christmas in a home, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, birthdays, starting school and having friends over for sleep-overs.   

A family change for this First Time Home Owner

When this family purchased their Canton, GA home, they had one son.  A very happy three year old little boy enjoying his time as an only child.   The parents recently found out they have a new addition coming this year.  Their three year old was not only very happy to hear the exciting news that  he would soon be a big brother, but he was able to participate in the Gender Reveal Party.  

This little boy already has a passion for baseball and he’s pretty amazing with his bat!  He’s already telling the older kids on his baseball team what to do.   Not all three year old little boys have this level of hand to eye coordination.  The new home came with a perfect side yard to spend his time practicing his baseball swing with his Dad.  The dog also helps out by retrieving the baseball and “sometimes” brings it back! 

If you are looking for a professional team of real estate experts to help build your family’s memories, call us today at (678) 462-1191.  Thank you!



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