Cherokee County Schools – What Zillow May Not Tell You

Laura Andersen
Laura Andersen
Published on August 1, 2018

Cherokee County Schools: Carrying Forward a Tradition of Excellence

Cherokee County Schools are operated under Cherokee County School District of Georgia. This district is run by a board consisting of 7 members. The chairperson of this board is elected by the County and all members act under the rule of majority. Cherokee County School District (CCSD) is one of the most respected school districts of Georgia. The district operates 36 schools, all of whom enjoy a very high rating for excellence and quality of education from the people of Cherokee County.  

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Vision statement of Cherokee County School District

The Cherokee County School system strives to provide all students with multiple quality educational opportunities designed to prepare them for success in an ever-changing society.  

Emphasis on extracurricular activities

More than 39000 students are receiving quality education form public schools being run by CCSD. These students receive instruction in not only traditional curriculum but also vocational training and technology. This helps in preparing students to face the challenges that lie ahead of them in their careers.  Under CCSD are known for their emphasis on extracurricular activities and loads of athletic programs. Management of these schools makes sure that there is all round development of personality of students studying in their institutions.  

Latest electronic and IT technologies are made accessible

Out of the 36 schools being run by Cherokee County School District, 6 are High Schools, 8 are Middle Schools, and the rest are elementary schools. In most of these schools, students are being introduced to electronic and IT technologies at a very early stage to make students future ready. There is no discrimination among students based on religion, sex, color of skin, nationality, and disability.   The high standards of education imparted in Cherokee County School is one reason why more and more families are getting attracted to the cities and CDPs that are a part of Cherokee County. All schools operated by CCSD are also considered very safe for the students.   Students passing from the Cherokee County schools have gone on to become CEO’s of many big companies. Most students are doing well in their professional careers and performing their role as responsible citizens of the country.   If you are a parent of school going kids, you can leave aside all your worries about quality education when moving to a city in Cherokee County.


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