What does Father’s Day mean to You??

Laura Andersen
Published on June 20, 2020

What does Father’s Day mean to You??

Father’s Day is June 21st

My father passed away suddenly when I was just eleven years old. There was no opportunity to say my goodbyes or even tell him how much I loved him.

My dad was a strong figure in our lives. I really valued him as my Dad. I was the oldest of five, my youngest sister was not even one year old when my dad passed. Her only memories of our dad were the ones we shared with her. She didn’t get to see firsthand how much love he had for us.

Take Advantage of Father’s Day

Take the time to reach out to your dad on Father’s Day. You never know how fleeting time is until you’ve lost a loved one. If your dad is in the area, make a point to invite him over for a cook-out or dinner. Sometimes it’s the small gestures that count.

We wish all Dads an amazing Father’s Day

Our team of real estate professionals at Atlanta Home Listings want to wish all the Dads in your life a memorable Father’s Day. The year 2020 represents a lot of turmoil. With the leadership and guidance of this country, we’ll be able to move forward to a brighter future.

Father’s Day

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